Do not become a prisoner of your past

“Never be a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of you future. You will never be the same.”

― Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny

Be careful what you put into the world.

We do many unkind things throughout our lives, as can be viewed from the rate at which we are destroying the earth. Yet, we also fail to consider the positives and negatives of our actions. There are situations when something seems simple but can have a drastic result. An innocent gesture or a kind word that you may think is innocuous or innocuous might do instead the opposite.

The words you speak and the way the situation develops determine how they are perceived. At times, we forget and fail to recognize the impact our words, actions, and vibrations can have on the world in which we live and how it can have either a positive or negative effect.

It is a lesson, not a life sentence.

In life, there may be specific points in which we feel it’s the end, where there is no turning back, there is no forgiveness available for an act. One may sometimes find himself or herself in situations such as these and feel that forgiveness is impossible to offer. You may think that you need to dwell on what has happened and what that person did. That you didn’t look forward to happening. You are too distracted by the past to see or have refused to see the future.

However, while memories can sometimes inspire and enlighten us, they should not serve as an outright relief. Let us not allow those memories to limit our freedom in the present. We must keep in mind that bringing back hurt feelings back into our minds will increase the pain in our hearts. Reminding ourselves of memories makes it harder to let go of them. Let us not allow ourselves to become burdened by the wrongs of our past. Don’t let these past wrongs ruin our chance to create a better future.

If you choose not to let it go, it robs you of your future, then you will be a prisoner of your thoughts, and you will also become locked up in your thoughts and perceptions of life. Imagine it as an experience that teaches you a valuable life lesson – how to treat others rightly or more aware of those you come in contact with. It’s all just an important life lesson and not a life-ending experience.

You determine your own future.

The future is entirely up to you, so make the future you want. We have a choice, and there are certain situations that we cannot avoid, such as losing a loved one or pet, or for certain accidents, we cannot escape them. There is a choice here. You can sit and think day in and day out about what someone did or what you did to them. You can come up with every aspect of why and how they did something. But, sometimes, you will have no explanation for why or how it happened.

Many people who are now of middle age continue to recall their childhood memories from years ago. However, if you dwell on these traumatic memories over and over again throughout your life, it will do neither of you or that person who has hurt you any good. You might never learn the reason why the event occurred, so don’t hold on to it.

Let them go

The question is whether what we think is so deeply ingrained into our minds that we cannot let it go, and we must consciously decide to let it go and move forward, sometimes even letting it go, depending on the severity of the harm done. There is no need to hold on to individuals who have hurt you; it’s okay to let them go with love and never speak to them again. No one requires an explanation as to why you are removing them from your life.

Be the person the world needs.

You must take this opportunity to make sure that your words and actions are compassionate toward others and the environment. This includes the Earth herself, and all animals as well. Be vigilant in taking care of the environment around us, and become more aware of the impact you have on your surroundings.

Changing your perspective and committing yourself to move forward can change everything. If you strive to do that, no matter where your past takes you, it is never your destiny, and it is most certainly not the only thing you will have in the future.

Have you been hurt in your past? Tell us about your experiences letting go of the past hurts in your life. What has this done for your life?


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