About Me

My name is Heather and I run two blogs; “Just Be.You.tifully You.” & “Being Be.You.tifully.Me”. Since 2009 I have been blogging hoping to create a place where I can share my life, thoughts, and expressions with others. Additionally, I wanted it to be a resource for people seeking self-improvement, homemaking and parenting advice, relationships and shopping. I share things I enjoy, such as my hobbies, writing challenges, and Q&As, along with creative writing and more.

In addition to blogging, I’m a mother to six grown children and married for over twenty-two years; I’m also a college student, majoring in Philosophy. I hope to prepare myself for Law School, where I plan to become a prosecuting attorney.

As a wife and mother accustomed to conventional family structure and values, my goal is to help others achieve the same success as well as understand and develop their own values.

Our community welcomes persons from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life.

Thank you for visiting.


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